Monday, December 8, 2008

+Rough cut

It's immense.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thriller Animatic

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Initial Ideas for Thriller Project

Overall Opening
- The Plot revolves around the main characters injecting himself with a strong drug which induces hallucinations, these hallucinations which appear in physical form as himself, inflict such terror on the character that he ends up believing he has been struck in the head and runs off out of the room in an attempt to escape the mysterious person that looks like himself. In his attempt to outrun his hallucination he ends up running down the corridor, through a set of double doors, outside, around a block of buildings, through another set of double doors, down another corridor and finally ending up backing into a corner after tripping over himself. He then sees himself walking towards him, and due to the extreme amount of adrenalin built up inside him he goes into a state of shock and passes out. A close up shot of the characters eye flickering, constantly increasing in speed until it ends up being a still image will follow, after which

In our thriller opening we are using a large amount of shots in a range of hand held and tripod shots such as long angles, short angles high and low to show the mysteriousness of the storyline to our thriller opening.
The hand held shots show the audience that our main character is being followed and trying to escape, and then the tripod shots are to show the stillness of the what is happening all around.
In the editing we be changing the speed of video, fast and slow we also will be using various transitions to make it more mysterious and cutting from character to different pictures.

In our thriller most of a mise en scene is background

Monday, November 24, 2008

Brain Storm

Thriller Opening Sequence

- Start-
  • Music - non-diegetic - garage band
  • Characters - main character + mystery person
  • Props - items used
  • Lighting - light and dark
  • Special Effects -
  • Cliff Hanger - questions film
  • Suspense - scares audience
  • Camera Angles - hit, low shots
  • Point Of Views - main character +mystery person

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An example of students work

The example we viewed showed good use of Camera work i.e variety of shots and angles. For example the beginning scene involved the subject leaving his house on a moped whilst being surveyed by the Kidnapper. The Camera view was a perspective shot of the kidnapper, which was effective in creating an impression of being watched. The Later part of the Clip we watched ended with the subject being tied up and gagged, this left us, the viewer in suspense unknown to how the rest of the film may unfold. The Non-Diegetic music used throughout was constant with no actual sound from the film itself being played, this created tension along with the combination of footage and Camera shots.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thriller Sequence Analysis

- The first shot shows a man getting ready for his job as a police officer, we can tell this because we see him picking up equipment such as his police badge. This is part of the micro-element mise-en-scene.

- He is also shown to be very organised and calm. We can see this because he uses a metronome whilst thinking about important cases. This seems to be a fairly important thing within the representation of the character and would most probably be significant later on within the film.

- In the opening sequence one of the characters says about the next seven days being important. This is also obviously significant as the title of the film is seven also.

- There is also non diogetic sound when there are clips of the murderer creating creepy vibes.

- The other character, Mills, is a cocky and arrogant person who is intelligent and is smart-casually dressed as opposed to all the other police men who were smartly dressed. This shows individuality of each persons.